Monday, October 15, 2012

One Month of Less: Day 15: Weed Out Shoes

It had to happen. And I tackled it before the inevitable "weed out closet" which looms on the horizon.

Fortunately, I started on this project before we moved out of our Omaha house since I didn't want to pack up all my shoes and move them. At the time it seemed like a big deal, but now that 2 months have passed, I honestly don't miss the shoes I got rid of. Except a pair of boots, which I am probably going to replace before winter. Lake effect snow, people.

I feel some validation from this not-missing of the shoes I got rid of. I also feel the need to clarify that I will never be one of those people who can go through life with like 3 pairs of shoes. After all, I am a girl who lives in a place with four seasons, and I need shoes for work, exercise, church, and camping.

That being said, I was able to eliminate 8 pairs of shoes including some doubles, some worn-outs, and some neverwear'ems. I'm left with:

1 pair of black danskos (work shoes)
1 pair of running shoes
Heels: Black, nude
Flats: Black, pink, tan
Brown/cork sandals
Black flip flops
Sandals: teal, brown, gold
Black boots
Yellow rain boots

That adds up to 15 pairs. I could probably donate the teal sandals which I hardly wear, but we'll see how I feel come spring. Some might consider 15 pairs too many to count as "simplicity," but I do wear them all. I consider this an enormous success even to be able to list the shoes I own without looking under the bed!

For the month of October I'm doing one thing a day that is a step towards a simpler way of living -- less cluttered, less wasteful, less distracted. My goal through this month of less is that by taking a new step every day, I will be able to live in a way that is more organized, more stewardly, more purposeful. Read more about it here, and let me know if you're joining in!

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  1. Good job. I was curious how many pairs I have...I counted 8 but I know I have a bag with 3 or 4 pairs of flip flops somewhere too. I had more when I was teaching and I don't need anything special for the occasional rain or snow.

    And did you know your anti-spam captcha things are really hard? I always have to refresh 2 or 3 times before I can find one I can figure out.


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