Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Building a Baby Dresser and The Longest To-Do List Since Wedding Planning

I have a huge list of things to finish before baby. It's three pages long. Typed. I assigned one task to every day until our due date, with the third page being "extra" tasks that didn't get assigned to a certain day. There were not enough days.

How much can possibly be left to do? I mean, the fox mobile has been built.

Well. Between attending weekly childbirth classes, hospital paperwork, showers, cleaning, washing, shopping and returning, organizing, thank-you's, cooking freezer meals, insurance changes, and random house projects to finish, there are plenty of to-do's. Jon has been busy crossing his things off the list, too. 

See what he built!

Because you can never have too much storage.

And because how great is he??

I mean, today I crossed off "pack hospital snack bag for Jon." Except I could only halfway cross it off, because I forgot to buy Starbursts. The list asks for Starbursts ... don't argue with the list. So in comparison to my failure at the simplest task of purchasing artificially flavored processed sugars, Jon produced this:

building a dresser

PRETTAYYY fancy to change diapers on top of!

He drew up the plans himself, a regular Norm Abrams. He probably has no idea who that is. Actually, a few times he would call me out to the garage to look at something (I can say this because he never reads this) and would say look! I am doing this the way your dad taught me! It was the sweetest thing ever. Dad, I hope you're reading this.

All I did for this project was come along to Sears a few times hoping they had free popcorn (no), and pick out the hardware on eBay. I showed the eBay picture to Jon and asked what he thought of them.

Jon - I hate them.

Well. Let me rephrase my question as a statement. Jon, I am ordering these handles.
Jon - What? I said I hate them.
Me - You will like them when they come.
Jon - No.
Me - I am fairly certain. That you will like them in real life.
Jon - I don't know why you bother asking me if --
Me - Oh look! Free 2 day shipping. (Click). They will be here in 2 days.

white dresser for nursery

They ended up being about $5 each.

Jon likes them.

I knew he would come around. That's why I love him enough to pack him a VIP snack bag that he can eat in front of me while I am restricted to surgical clear liquids and mostly likely wondering why I want to have a baby without an epidural when I made sure to be unconscious to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

There are a few bigger things left on the list. Choosing childcare. Repairing the side of our house where the neighbor's trampoline crash landed during a 90 mph wind storm this summer. Cleaning out the "guest room" (a euphemism for our island of misfit belongings ... sombrero's, shooting targets, fishing paraphernalia, half-crafted crafts...).

And the last item on the list, assigned to our due date: Pick a name.


  1. Norm Abrams.
    I love this post.
    Are your posts humorous to people who aren't related to you? Because I find it funnier than 95% of other blogs and wonder why you don't have a following of thousands.
    And I'm pretty sure Starbursts are a clear liquid when they come in contact with saliva.

  2. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Why only clear surgical liquids? Hey, remember when we had to interview our moms about our birth and we found out that they had had all natural childbirths? We thought they were craaazy and that we would never...I guess we must be crazy after all :) Also I am suuuper impressed by the dresser Jon made! That is super sweet. He has skills :) Like, if he has nothing better to do he should sell that stuff skills! I hope you know who this is.

  3. That dresser is amazing. Also, I love Norm Abrams. And I sympathize with the crazy-long to-do have inspired me to blog about it. :)

  4. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Yes, I read it and I am honored that Jon gave me some credit...Thanks J...

  5. Actual baby Calvin (oops, I gave away the name choice, last item on the list!) has not made the blog yet. Update needed!


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