Saturday, January 21, 2006

Je ne comprends pas

French for "I don't understand." Which happens to be a very relevant phrase at this moment, because I just finished a two hour session of sacrificing my dura matter on the alter of latex paint. Or rather, we painted holly's room green and pink, and I have a very much headache right now. That's okay though--that was the most fun way I have given myself a headache in a while.

Currently I'm treating my headache with white-colored pretzels and clear koolaid. I would take a vitamin, but I already took those today. I suppose the best option would be to go to sleep, but Armageddon is happening a few feet away from me. Hmm I didn't know they let amateurs into space...

Anyway, this weekend has been excellent. We went to a hockey game and watched in unbelief as certain un-named I'm falling asleep while typing...were actually paying for the experience of consuming mystery hot drinks being sold as "hot chocolate." We also gave in to an assortment of addicting activities such as playing the sims (Eryn is to blame for the origination of this time-sucking activity) and dance dance revolution. I never knew the navy was so fun! ha.

One last french phrase--tape this one on your mirror:
vous etes stupefiant!! (You! Are! Amazing!)


  1. oooo... Your French is amazing luv! So I addicted you to Sims eh? That's pretty exciting! Anyway, hope you feel better this morning.


  2. thegeniusboy052:29 pm

    que buen francais! (That's probably not correct in any language :P) I hope you cure/cured your headache. I empathize with your delay-of-sleeping...last night joseph was typing with the light on for an hour after I went to bed...I was going insane :P Hope this semester is treating you well!

  3. wow, you actually blogged! i check almost everyday, but i'm always disappointed until noW!


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