Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Home = Electric Blanket

Happy 2006! Christmas break has to be the best thing that has happened since... well, at least since exams. My sister went back to school today--a frightening concept--so I was left to entertain myself. Which actually isn't that hard. Anyway, I just thought I would give you all an update on the state of ... maybe I shouldn't say what town I live in ... (wow, what has safe campus done to me) since you left!

First of all, it has been way too melty. The snow is gross and crunchy and wet. However, we did have some fun fog and it almost iced. Sadly though, the 'almost ice' meant we skipped going to South Dakota for a Christmas party.

Second: WE HAVE SHELVES!!! My dad finished them and they are beautiful! My mom is hoping they don't fit into our dorm room (thanks mom) so that she can keep them at home. We're going to have to find lots of stuff to put on them--wait... find lots of stuff?

Okay so there weren't really that many groundbreaking activities that need to be published, but that's okay. Tomorrow I get to go to Melissa's---YAY!!!! I have not hung out with that girl for like 5 MONTHS!!! There is some extreme excitement going on over here!

I hope you are all enjoying break--

Geron: I still remember what your voice sounds like!

Geron's Mom: Take care of her! Send her back! I know she's probably busy going on a safari looking for nutrea--she promised to bring me a picture of six of them in a puddle-- so sorry if that is consuming all her time :)

Amanda: You are at Dordt and you need to come over sometime...

Karla: I found a CD of serve pictures so you can identify all the people you know from THE AREA. I hope you went down whoop up drive

Brenna: I hope you find some snow to wear your new boots in

Angela: Have fun fitting all your stuff back into those suitcases for the return flight :D. Oh yes, and I can't wait to hear your explanation of Geron driving John's car??

hmm who else reads my blog..
HANNAH: come home so we can go to the bridal shows!

Kimmie: Don't breathe in any more of that carbonated duck stuff

Everyone else: I love you, you just never leave comments on my blog. Happy new year


  1. i was soo excited when i saw my name on there, i just couldnt beleive it! YEAH FOR HEATHER!

  2. Heather!
    Your writing is infused with excitement that I no longer posess, due to the lengthiness of Christmas break. It was great seeing you at new years 'staying out late' :P

  3. James: (because you didn't get a personal greeting the first time around)--happy last 4 days of doing no engineering homework! Oh yeah, and do you have to play for those extra concerts for niso? Wow, the things we do for 25 dollars.. wait...

  4. dave lesage4:04 pm

    ohh, you still write on this one? no way. :D i'm in trouble. i used my real name. apparently safe campus hasn't changed me nearly as much as it did you. and i am definitely with slegers on this one, i dont have much excitement towards break either. i kinda want to go back to the dorm, because i've seen people, but not everyone. :)

  5. Kimmie2:17 pm

    carbonated duck stuff, sure thing, I'll stay away. it sounds too scary to go near......have a great time moving back into your dorm and filling shelves with lots of USEFUL items!

  6. Your electric blanket tried to kill me once.
    You should post again sometime.

  7. or even 50 dollars...no, the voices in my head decided that run-down concerts are still not worth it...

    and yeah...I really enjoyed the days of no Engineering homework. They were like the calm before a storm...


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