Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bat Splat

This morning at 4:50, I woke up from the middle of a dream about the flower shop when I heard something fly into my screen and the sound of wings rustling. Fearing my life but uncertain if the winged creature was outside or actually inside, I hid under my sheets and listened. More flapping noises, disturbingly close to my bed. At the realization that I was sharing my bedroom with a winged rodent, I pretty much freaked out and started screaming. It probably had rabies. I think the screaming woke up my sisters, but I just wanted someone to come upstairs and get rid of the thing, because there was no way I was coming out from under those blankets!! I'm too young to die of rabies. Or get my eyes poked out.

My mom came upstairs eventually. I heard her voice in the hallway, very unconcerned and flat sounding-- "what's going on." Or perhaps it was just too early in the morning for her to show any emotion. I was trying to explain about the bat, but I didn't want to come out, and I think by that time the bat had flown into Holly's room, so there was an intense unrest in the entire top floor of the house. Someone shut the bat into Holly's room, which she didn't seem to thrilled about. She was convinced it was going to destroy all her posessions.

Anyway, my dad got sent into the bat room, armed with a tennis racket and a bucket. (Don't worry, Geron, it wasn't your tennis racket.) We heard all sorts of swatting noises and a running commentary from my dad, and eventually it must have been victory because we heard him rejoicing in the swat. He came out of Holly's room with the bat laying on the tennis racket and wanted us to take a picture of him... my mom was like, "Gregg... why do you have the compost bucket on your head?" Then she realized the bat was on the tennis racket. "GREGG!!! GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE BEFORE IT REVIVES!!!!!!" There was an outbreak of hysteria at the thought of the bat reviving, but Dad wouldn't leave until we took a picture of him with the rodent and the compost bucket on his head... plus he said that the bat wasn't going to revive, because apparently it was a swift swat to that thing and there was pretty much no future in it's (ended) bat life.

It was kindof hard to fall asleep again after that.


  1. Yes, I witnessed all this and testify that it is true. You can see a complementary report, and picture, on my blog!

  2. wow, sounds like your summer is being more exciting than mine is. you should put up that picture of your dad. :D

  3. Wow...somehow your bat story is like 10x funnier than any of ours...

    Oh, and the picture of your dad is hillarious!

  4. lol...he looks so proud...the only think I've killed this summer was time...a ha ha ha (that was a wry laugh at my own crappy pun...for those who couldn't tell). But one day I did wake up with a hungry cat sitting on me :P

    Hope your summer stays eventful but not in such a disturbing manner as this...

  5. haha yes! that picture is awesome. thanks heather :D

  6. holls2:57 pm

    OF COURse I Was not THRilleD! I thought it was going to poop all over my room! not to mention i was awakened by ear piercing wouldnt' have wanted a bat dying in your room either! <:\ you must have a nocturnal attraction to small winged creatures..sorta like the goldfinch you let fly into my room as well..atleast we had fun saying "fludermouse" for the next day...

  7. hey under yur title "i'm actually a carpenters daughter" it says "this is where i say how wonderful my roommate is" well i think it should say this: " this is where i say how aboslutely wonderful my roommates sister, Brenna is" like it? i do. ok bye

  8. that's hilarious. really it is :D


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