Friday, October 21, 2005

Sebastian Esteban

There have been some inquiries as to the identity of Sebastian Esteban. He is our beloved plant who lives on our windowsill, where he happily basks in the sunlight and purifies our air. Actually, this is a plant with a history-- he is a naughty little one!! Sometimes we catch him trying to stick his fingers in the fan, but we are pretty good at intervening, and after we exiled him to the other end of the windowsill, he came to see the light and is basically over his suicidal tendencies. So Sebastian is mostly Geron's plant, because apparently he reminds her of the corn plant she used to have in her room at home. After a few weeks of watching him slowly wither and turn a little crispy, I took pity on the poor neglected plant and gave it some water. However, Sebastian needed more than a good drink... he needed VITAMINS!! Under cover of... well, Geron was in Western Civ or something... I crushed up the magic pill and fed that to Sebastian. It is amazing! He has made a complete recovery (except for some scars from the previous fan encounters) and is looking very green and glossy and happy. And that, my friends, is the story of Sebastian Esteban!! And actually I think he had more names than that at one point.


  1. Did Sebastian Esteban's parents travel here for parents' weekend?

  2. Sebastian came from Walmart-- we're not sure who his parents are.

  3. Well, I am glad that Sebastian is no longer an orphan and is now settling into a new family situation, despite his apparent emotional difficulties.

  4. Jennifer (Sarah's mom)9:49 am

    Just wanted you to know I'm enjoying your blog. Any friend of my daughter's friend is a, well, friend!:)

    Thanks for clearing up Sebastian's identity. I was really getting quite curious and Geron was so mute on the subject! He's a very good looking plant! :)

  5. Post more often. These are fun. But get important things done too, I guess.


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