Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Actually maybe not that bad, but it has been an interesting few days. We had our first supper as a room! (but we weren't all there). I cut my knee open on a light fixture on my very-near-ceiling bed. My roommate is covered in some kind of hive-like rash from taking antibiotics that she apparently did not need. We have one shower for 6 girls. I haven't seen my ID card since I moved in...there goes another ten bucks...

Today I heard this crashing noise--- um, what was that?
Nobody else heard it.
I walked into our room and our CLOSET was falling off the wall!!! It's like a 10 ft. closet rod with a shelf on top of it, and all the bolts holding it had just ripped out of the cement block! So between the three of us sharing the closet I didn't think we really had THAT many clothes--why do they even make the bar that long then???

I would take a picture and post it, but our room looks so bad with the clothes stacked all over that I think mom might make me come home.


  1. hooray east campus apartments! yet another reason why junior year is a good time to get off campus

    you seem to have a knack for losing things. i seem to remember a certain bike lock last year...

  2. Wow, the excitement in the apartments never ends.
    I hope you can fix your closet.

  3. Who is the 3rd from the left roommate? I'm afraid I don't know her. (Do I?)


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