Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Slider makeover

One familiar thing about moving into our new house was a plastic window treatment identical to the one we had at our old apartment. While the long dangling strips were fascinating to visiting nephews, they were noisy, dusty, and just ugly. We were not enthused to see them greet us in our new house; they came down day one, and are still in the basement waiting to be donated to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Once we took them down, it became more obvious that our lovely Pella slider was bare, unpainted wood, the screen was ripped up, and there were some chunks of wall missing from years of curtain-rod-hanging. Jon fixed all of those problems while I was in O'Neill! (He didn't take pictures.) I finished painting the screen door when I got home, and he somehow put a new screen in, which I wasn't aware was possible. That man is better than Google.

We He hung an extra-long curtain rod that we found at Target, which is where we encountered a glitch. Due to bracket placement, the curtain must either be permanently closed or permanently open.

We chose permanently open, since there's not a lot going on in the dining room that demands privacy from our backyard. And here they are on the newly-white patio door to the deck! Same ones that used to hang in our bedroom, but our bedroom windows right now are little guys. 

My summer class schedule has been pretty nice so far, starting at 9 or 10 and out by 3 or 4 with projects on Fridays. I'm sure that a 2-month semester will fly by! Have I mentioned that I'm done with classes FOREVER in 2 months?? It's about time ...   

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