Saturday, June 04, 2011

Taste of Omaha

We were downtown last night for supper, and it happened to be Taste of Omaha going on. They moved it up a few weeks because with the Missouri flooding, Lewis and Clark landing is already going underwater.

Last year we bought tickets and went around to all the booths, but it was just as humid and crowded this year so we ate at Rock Bottom instead. There wasn't even a wait, probably because everyone else was going around to the booths! Suckerrrrrs.

Our waitress was at least part nut-case. At one point she was feeding Jon firecracker shrimp from chopsticks while chanting "vrooooooom vroooooom!!!" and spiraling the shrimp through the air towards his mouth.

We wanted to go check out the flooding, and they had a band playing over there so we ended up walking around Con Agra park. Watching the sun go down and watching some monster carp swim around.

And a baby goose :) I was quick with this picture because I didn't want to get attacked.


  1. Oh my gosh, your waitress is funny!!! I can't imagine you both allowing that... you must have just been sitting there with your jaws dropped open?! I would have died! :) What sort of tip did you leave her? lol

  2. The mental picture of your waitress was priceless.

  3. I'm speechless on the waitress!!!WOW, I would've said something like "When you're done feeding him feel free to pay the tab". or something. How odd. and just how much did you tip her, Jon? LOL


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