Thursday, April 24, 2014


Some good friends of ours got tickets from work to a White Sox game. Despite Jon being a die hard Cubs fan and me being a general baseball un-fan, we were both pretty excited to get out of the house and you know, enjoy some spring sunshine.

Unfortunately, it was about 40 degrees and raining. Rain delay? No problem! I'm actually here for the bacon on a stick. And hot chocolate.

Eventually there was a gap in the rain, so they started the game. We wiped off our cold plastic seats with paper napkins and as time passed, I basically seized up into a frozen apathetic spectator. Why are there so many innings. Why did I wear flip flops today. WHY are people buying cold beer in this weather?? 

Three eternal innings later, a woman leading a party of three marched down to us and informed us that we were in their seats. Apparently we sat on the wrong side of the aisle. In a stadium that is 10% full. There were about, oh, several thousand seats open. For example, the ten open rows in front of us. And every seat to every side of us. 

"YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO MOVE." In all caps because she was speaking in the most annoying way possible. "BEST PART IS OUR SEATS ARE WARM AND DRY!!" Incredulous stares beamed at Caps Lock woman. "HA HA!"

I am not sure if I can adequately convey how much I hate being cold, how long it had been since I finished eating concessions, and how close this shorts-wearing caps-lock-speaking woman was to getting strangled by a deranged hypothermic girl in flip-flops.

Fortunately, the company had also comped us with passes to some VIP lounge which sounded very expensive and not appropriate for people wearing wet coats and carrying a baby better than sitting in a new row of cold wet seats. We decided to check it out.

This was the best decision all day, trumping bacon on a stick. 

We sat (almost) right on the glass and had a great view, a nearby bathroom, a waitress, a happy baby, a steak burger topped with macaroni and cheese...


And we watched Caps Lock and her followers get drenched and run for the stands as the next rain delay began.

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