Saturday, July 09, 2011

My First 5k

Do I look sweaty and happy? Because I am! We both ran the Run for Justin this morning. Justin's sister is a friend from church. I was a little nervous because I was pretty slacko on the training and was only up to 2 miles (5k is 3.1 miles), and have been having some knee issues. Not technically my knee, but the head of my fibula if that means anything to you.

Anyway, no knee pain this morning, and I ran (almost) the whole way and my time was around 30, which were the 2 things I was hoping for. I liked the beginning because you could hear everyone's feet running, and I liked the end because it was a steep hill down to the finish line. Steep as in, sprint or ruin yourself. Jon and I didn't run together (obviously) but he came back and ran the last 0.2 with me, all athletic-like and wanting to talk. He possibly has an extra lung.

How was run a 5k not on my bucket list? I'm adding it just so I can cross it off.

In October there is a 5k for Susan G Komen that I'd like to run -- with you guys! So plan your trips!


  1. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Good Job. I should add a 5K to my bucket list so I can cross it off but it would have to be a WINTER time 5K for me.☺

  2. i'll come in october :) cute pic


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