Thursday, July 07, 2011

Special Delivery: a Rug!

We love the wood floors in our house, but they seem to be a lot higher maintenance compared to carpet when it comes to cleaning. I don't have time to clean floors every day. If I had time to clean floors every day, I would find something more important to do with my life. Still sore from the tile-scrubbing incident, I bought a microfiber swiffer-type head to make cleaning more enjoyable. Too soon?

I wasn't fooled. Cleaning floors was still not cool. And dirty floors lead to dirty feet, which lead to a dirty couch and dirty looks shot at whoever put their dirty feet on the couch. Not naming names. We also noticed that our ottoman foot rest was beginning to leave some scratchies on the shiny floor. Time for action.

Rug shopping was worse than wedding dress shopping; First of all, I had to find something that I liked AND that Jon liked. Second, we had to pay for it. When I found something that we liked, it was wayyyy out of our price range. Like these braided wool rugs from Restoration Hardware, which Jon liked until I told him an 8x10 was $1200 and he nearly had a seizure.

After a few hours days of scouring the internet for sales, knock-offs, great ebay finds, or anything else that I loved as much, I found a West Elm rug that I sort of loved. It was on sale for $225 with free shipping, which I did love. The color was called "Iron" which was hard to tell from the pictures if it was black, gray, or navy. In my burnout, I decided that whatever color it was, it was good enough. Jon wasn't home so I just ordered it.


It was May, and the screen told me that the rug was backordered until September. I'm not sure what part of the world this rug was coming from that it couldn't be shipped quicker than 4 months. Enter Grandma Feenstra's denim quilt as a stand-in floor saver.

Lovely. As soon as we put it down, we seemed to get a lot more house visitors. One of them (Nate's mom) exclaimed, "Is this a Grandma Feenstra Denim??" hahaha. The fame. Today while we cleaned up supper, the UPS man pulled up to our driveway. We thought he was delivering fishing reels, but he came out of the truck with a long, striped, West Elm roll! It's only July!!

I thought it would be blacker. Or mayber navy-er. But I like it :)

Jon likes it. He's working on a fishing rod for his brother before the trip to Canada.

Here's a close up of the thing on the tray. Yes, it's an IBC root beer bottle. Everyone thought I was foolish for spray painting it glossy white. I may have a minor spray paint problem. The plant is some sedum I harvested that was growing through the fence from Mike's yard.

Oh, and Millie likes the rug. She curls up in a ball like this, maybe so we won't notice her and remember that she's actually supposed to live outside. After her neurological meltdown last weekend she's been sleeping in the office and stumbling around the indoors. When we brought her in for the follow up with the vet yesterday, they told us that she was nearly dead when we brought her in Saturday. Interesting that they didn't tell us that Saturday when they wanted us to pay for xrays and a blood panel and a fleet of medicine men.

She still is having a few coordination problems. When she shakes her head she falls over. Yesterday she fell down the stairs (but survived the incident better than my laptop did the other day). We are thankful that for the most part, she is returning to her energetic self, and is most often seen as in the picture below. 

I'll try to put up a few more house pictures with decorations and furniture and projects for those of you who live in Washington and are curious what is going on since the move :)


    Seriously. I got home at 12:30 last night after a LONG AWFUL week of work, and had an email update for your blog at the top of my emails. It cheered me up and gave me happy dreams. Beautiful room (you're such a talented decorator!!!), beautiful home, beautifully darling kitty (glad she's doing better!), beautiful woman, beautiful couple, beautiful life! Oh, and beautiful rug :) LOVE

  2. hahahahaha oh millie


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