Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Last Clinical Rotation

It's a rainy, foggy day in New Mexico. Jon works on Saturdays, eating donuts and enjoying being "salesman of the month." And of course, selling cars. I'm at the clinic to use the internet and run, but today they are repainting and recarpeting, so I guess there will be no working out while watching Dance Moms.

So far this semester has been pretty uneventful in a tiny western town that is mainly gas stations, fast food, and chain smokers. We've kept busy on our off time with ice fishing (Jon), fishing (Jon), building fishing rods (Jon), and planning future fishing trips (Jon).

About 5 more weeks until we head home! We're so blessed to be here together, but we miss everybody, miss our church, our mattress, our cat, our unfinished house projects, our clean bathroom, eating actual meals...

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