Saturday, February 24, 2007

Facebook Fast

After a long silence... I'm finally writing again! I can't believe February is almost over-- oops. The picture up there is of me and my roommate. For Lent we decided to give up facebook. For those of you who don't know what facebook is, here's a little three word summary for you.

1. entertaining
2. addicting
3. time-wasting

And this is not like the christmas music or the chocolate cookies from the previous roommate pacts -- if I break this one she gets to pick a pair of my shoes. to keep. forever. Although, I already know which ones I want from her closet, so we'll see how the honor system holds up.


  1. that is SOO funny that you're doing that shoe thing!! ahah. hey at least it makes you not get on. hehe

  2. Jolene2:13 pm

    I gave up playing computer games for Lent...I can still go to your blog and Hannah's blog. Does your roommate have a pair of your shoes that she has her eye on???

  3. giving up computer games? ouch. i dont think i could do that. then again, i dont think i could give up facebook, either. it's useful for promoting shows. :P

  4. You think you could post on this more often since you're not wasting time on Facebook. But maybe you are busy memorizing every part of the body.

  5. We can't wait to see you in green OryGun. Don't forget - you will be in will-LAMM-ett valley near ALL-bunny. I hear you get to see the coast also - cool. have a great trip!! Say to your mom and dad for me.


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