Friday, November 18, 2005

Is it there?

Mm okay so it's not there. I have a pet penguin! Except.. I can't figure out where it is. It's on my msn space, but I felt bad for it that nobody was probably playing with it, so I was attempting to put it on here. Anyway, that didn't work.

So today is Friday!! Yes! That is such a relief, especially since on Tuesday already I thought it was Saturday. Aaah!! But today I got to take a nap for like 20 minutes before we went to dinner. I am starting to thinks that naps are completely useless. I might in the long run regain like one point of mental awareness (or whatever comes from napping) but it takes me like 4 hours to recover from just waking up!! For example, today. I fell asleep. I dreamed that I woke up and someone had scribbled on my face. Also, there were like 4 other people sleeping in the loft, which is pretty much exceeding maximum loft capacity. Then in my dream I realized that there was pink foam all over the ceiling, and obviously it was ANGELA who had done this. At this point, Geron woke me up and there was an entire congregation of people in the room waiting to go eat. So I somehow walked to the commons in that confused state of "I just woke up from a nap and was dreaming about pink foam stuck to the ceiling," only to realize upon arrival that I had left my ID card in the room. Soooo I went back to east hall and got my card.
Back in the commons, the guy in front of me in line (who happens to be named "grass pong" and "carbonated beverage guy") seems to have lost his card too. Yeah, it's probably not fair that he has two names, but really how could I eliminate either one of those defining aspects of his persona? Anyway, grass pong and Donna proceed to have a long conversation about whether or not his schedule allows him to go find his meal card right now. Grass pong says no. Donna says it would be better if you find your card now. Heather says I HAVE A CARD, LET ME EAT!! (actually I didn't say that.) Grass pong explains that he can't go get his card right now. Donna says fine, fill out this form and get the manager to sign it. Heather says AAAAAH I HAVE THEOLOGY IN 12 MINUTES. Grass pong proceeds to hunt down the manager and sign some form. Donna says "Hello Rachel." ... Hi Donna... aaah the joys of public food service.


  1. Well, if your room is ever truly overflowing its sleeping capacity, you can always send some here, or come over for a sleepover yourself! We need to have a sleepover sometime!!!!
    Hey I think I did the html tag right!

  2. AHHH I miss you! COme home!

    Karla says: Heather! Were you sleeping? OOOOHHH That's why your hair is so ratty!

  3. Whoa! Party of blog entries! It's enough to make me ignore Differential equations...
    James gets lunch next semester! So, I guess I get to enjoy the company of people who forget their lunch cards for myself? Maybe. I personally am totally in favor of naps...but they only help me on manic mondays. Hooray for snow...well, not any more. Sad :(

  4. hollygWen!10:11 pm

    Hi HEather! I'm not even sure if i'm doing this right...remember how you said..Leave a message on my blog!! but I think I was confused..but I realized what you mean now so hapiness for the world I can blog now..atleast I think i'm doing this right. guess waht I was goignt o take a quick nap before church at 5 because I was more drained then a hydrandga flower that sat in boiling koolaid. and I didn't wake up till 8!! I guess mom and dad thought we could stand to be heathen for a night:D come home in 3 days!!!!! and then we can watch ice age and maybe mom will make us truffles so we can imitate the sloth! that would be basically amazing "I thee a thloth, I eat a thtick. that'th my tracking thythem!!" heheheh.come back home!..okay its telling me I dont' have an accoutn I have to go under anonymous??

  5. hollygWeN!10:16 pm

    actually, I was thinking and its "I thee a leaf, I eat a thtick. that'th my tracking thythtem" I don't know what I was quoting earlier...I think I have clincials tomorrow mornign though now so maybe I should go sleep some more since that means I wake up at 5. AHH!

  6. Check out my updated profile, Heather. I found a "dumb question" and gave it a "dumb answer". How would you pronouce "fvotkte", because that is the word verification I have to type and sometimes I wonder how to say them?

  7. Woo-hoo!! Something that makes NW better than Dordt!! :) We can just tell the scanner person our ID number and Boom! we can eat!!! No finding the manager for me! :)
    I definitely heart naps. They are in no way useless.

  8. Your dream (the scribbling on the face while asleep part) actually happens in Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery. Emily falls asleep before class, wakes up late, and runs to class, only to find that someone has drawn a mustache on her in black ink while she was sleeping. That's one of my favorite books. In case you're interested.
    --Devon (Geron's sis)


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