Thursday, May 31, 2012


Now that I have about 1100 pages of review material to commit to memory before boards in July, I'm noticing that almost everything else on my to do list is becoming more appealing. Digital scrapbooking. Running. Laundry. Updating my blog with graduation pictures.

It was really a great weekend -- beautiful weather, family out, and an end to 20 years of being a student.

Also, Jon finished up our deck in time for all the photographing!

Looks nice, right? And check out that mulch work in the back... yes, we have been busy. Got to keep the neighbors talking. Noticed that you seem to have 7 people living in your house lately. Saw you hauling cement chunks around your yard. What's that you're planning with the pile of cedar?

The weekend went by so quickly, and it still feels like in a few days I'll have to go back to class. For now though, I'm generally spending my days in sweatpants, studying lots of Neuro, watching One Tree Hill, making to do lists, and drinking smoothies. Some things never change.

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