Saturday, August 19, 2006

Here You Go Hannah

Okay so here's your long awaited picture of me minus ten inches of hair!! ...This is actually after me and Holly had a hose fight in the back yard. It was so fun!! We were yelling and screaming so much that Sarah came over from next door because she wondered if everyone was okay.. oops. Anyway, so I have just been attacked by a hose, but you get the idea. It's short!! And I'll try to find a better picture for you on my computer.


  1. Obviously you noticed how adorable my hair was, so you couldn't stop yourself from looking more like me....just kidding: it looks great (at least from what I can tell :) ). And you better be getting ready for more than a water fight if you think you can get away with taking advantage of my far-away-ness. see you tuesday!

  2. Yee-hah! Thank you so much!
    I bet you look less scraggly in everyday life...maybe.
    Just kidding, I like it.

  3. ah! less hair! you look very different. i think i like it... it's hard to tell, haha.


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