Sunday, September 07, 2014

Making a Fox Mobile: Nursery Progress

We've been busy putting together a woodland nursery for our little boy coming in October. I guess I hadn't been spending enough time browsing nursery themes on Pinterest or Etsy, but I didn't realize that forest animals were such a popular thing for baby's rooms lately. At least it's not chevron... ugh.

One project we planned together was a mobile for above the crib featuring origami foxes. Or, "The Foxmobile," as we have been calling it.

I was in charge of a few months of casually folding origami foxes. I bought the paper on amazon and it came a little brighter than I was imagining, but it's a kid's room. He is allowed bright orange. I'm no seasoned origami expert, but I was able to follow Mark Leonard's origami fox pattern which is found here.

Jon was in charge of assembly, and I am blissfully unaware of the details. I am sure he found the most complicated way to reach the most perfect foxmobile setup. His original design involved a three tier fox chandelier of sorts ... which I requested we simplify. In the end, he strung a small washer inside each fox and dangled them from fishing line, which knotted up to a wooden frame that looks like a 4-pane window. There was also some business involving him crawling around the attic, purpose unclear.

In the end, the fox mobile turned out perfect for the space. They don't tangle when the fan is on, and I don't hit my head on fifteen foxes when I (pretend to) lean over and put a baby in the crib.

I asked my little nephew over skype if he could tell what animal it was. Without hesitation, he replied, "A RAT!" Yes. A mobile of orange rats. Because why not??


  1. This project is so you and Jon.
    You should add a picture of the rat/fox with the deformed ears, that one was fun too!

    1. I wish I had a picture!! The inbred fox origami fails did not make the final cut to hang with the elite.

  2. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Can you do a finished nursery blog post?? -A


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