Sunday, January 13, 2013

First House Project: We Painted!

We love our new house! With moving and Christmas and travel and work, we have been so busy -- but I finally have a few pictures to put up! I can't find my camera, so these are all iphone pics. Sorry about that.

Here's a before picture. This color on the walls is the color of every wall and ceiling in the entire house. Jon calls it "Something Beige." It's the same color as the carpet. And the tile. I plan to slowly paint it away...

Last week we painted our bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom walls are Rockport Gray and ceiling is just white ceiling paint. Painting the bedroom and the bathroom took us 12 hours plus paint picking/shopping and taping. I don't think we stopped to eat.

Jon built these end tables over Christmas break with my Dad. Now we need another lamp, and of course they have been discontinued at Pottery Barn. I'm combing ebay.

My half of the closet: A definite upgrade from the ping pong table system we had been using!

Here's the master bath - that door goes to the closet. The color here is Gray Owl.

Looking towards the bedroom, a pocket door separates the bedroom/bathroom.

Double sinks. In some light the walls look blue and sometimes they look more neutral. We got rid of the metal thing over the toilet, and I am trying to Craigslist it.

Terrible picture ... but here's the tub with a large frosted window over it. During the day the bathroom is so much brighter with this color on the wall and white on the ceiling!

Kitchen. We got the chairs at Pier 1 after lots of hunting. We wanted something with a back, and agreed that a wood stool was going to be too much wood and too dark. We thought about fabric and found some parson's style chairs we loved, but they were going to be $350 a chair. No thanks. Jon vetoed anything modern looking or metal. We think these are just right in the space!

The kitchen opens up to the living room. We chose not to put our dining table in the "dinette" area because we already have an eating area at the island and thought it would be too cramped. Plus, we have nothing else to put in our dining room.

The doorway in the back has a bathroom to the left and the garage to the right. The large white doors are a PANTRY!!

We picked out these side chairs from, got a great deal, and they shipped for free! Now we can have two friends over :)

Obviously we need a coffee table. We also need ideas on how to store DVDs and games since we no longer have a spot for an entertainment center. (I'm also going to craigslist that).

Here's a garage picture: Jon finished all the sheetrock, painted, and put up corrugated metal and plywood on the remaining parts. He built himself a work bench, hung everything on the walls, and suspended his truck topper from the ceiling.

The rest of our house is basically half-organized rooms full of leftovers and cloaked in "something beige."  I didn't bother to take pictures :)

Right now we're getting lake effect snow! Really it's been a brown winter so far. The lots across the street from us are empty.


  1. Your house is very nicely decorated. I need to get you to work on my house sometime. :)

  2. We need to come visit you guys PERIOD! Does the train from chicago end up near you?


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