Thursday, November 29, 2012

Basement Slobs and New House Pictures

Because some of you were curious ... here's what everything we own looks like stashed in a basement.

That's our mattress on the floor. Sometimes we do make the bed. But really, why? The chairs around the table function as our coat rack (we eat upstairs with Jon's family).

That big white rectangle is a mattress, and over in that corner are a bunch more boxes. I feel like the people from hoarders who know exactly where everything is in their mess. My blow dryer, brown sugar, and scarves all have specific spots where they belong. Beyond these three items, I seem to have very few needs lately. I am sure that is a red flag of sorts.

In the back of this picture is the ping pong table, which has folded laundry on top of it and hanging laundry around the edges. Typically in the morning I circle the ping pong table shuffling through hangers hunting for scrubs or declaring that I have nothing to wear. All of Jon and my clothes are mixed together.

Tomorrow is (fingers crossed) moving day! Can you see why we are so excited? I have a few pictures of the house to share -- the lighting was terrible and so they're mostly blurry and the coloring is horrible. Still want to see them? Thought so :)

From the road: When we were house shopping, I called this one "the winking house." Jon picked it out and I was convinced that I didn't like it. Sort of like how I was convinced that I didn't like him at first?

Main Floor: Standing in the living room, dining room to the right, front door is to the right through that archway. The white door goes to the basement, and the doorway at the back has a half bath the left and the garage to the right.

Looking at the dining room / front door:


Upstairs bathroom:

Bedrooms: There are 3 and they all look about like this ... I can't tell my own pictures apart.

That's it for now! The master bath is too strangely shaped to get a picture of it as a room. I have pictures of the toilet, the sink, the shower, the tub ... nothing room-like. Jon's outside jump starting my car right now because apparently if I don't drive it for a week but leave the GPS plugged in, the battery drains. Oops.

Hoping for a short day at work tomorrow and a smooth close!


  1. can't wait to see pictures with all your stuff inserted! and I didn't know that about the GPS? maybe I should go unplug mine

  2. AHhh! Today is the day! I hope that I can see your house sometime.
    You should post a picture of yourself in the new house with a scarf, brown sugar, and your blow dryer.

  3. I will carpool there with you Hannah


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