Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hair Bow Tutorial: Pinterest Challenge

sew your own hair bow pattern tutorial

On girly girl scale of 1-10 with 1 being "toothpaste is beauty supply" and a 10 being "I sleep in lip gloss and ruffles," I am maybe a 7. Except on Saturdays. An 8 would do their hair before going for a run.

This being said, I am forced to wear scrubs or (..shudder...) a POLO to work 5 days a week. Sometimes 6 or 7. I'm looking for something different to do with my hair and love some of the cute hair bow ideas seen on Pinterest!
For this winter edition of the Pinterest Challenge (a challenge to do something you've pinned), hosted by Katie Bower at Bower Power Blog, I chose to make my own hairbow! I own and love my sewing machine, but this method is pretty light on the sewing :) Let me know if you try it!

Making A Simple Raw-Edge Hair Bow: (1 inch of sewing required)

Step One: Cut 2 strips of cloth, 2"x8" and 1.5"x5". The first is your bow, and the second is your center.

Step Two: Sew the short ends of your 2"x8" strip together to make a loop, wrong side out. (The front side of your fabric should be facing the center of the loop.) Turn your loop right side out.

Step Three: Taking the 1.5"x5" strip, finger press each rough edge in towards the center.

Step Four: Line up seam to the center of the loop.

Step Five: Scrunch into a bow shape.

Step Six: Line up center stripe over the bow.

Step Seven: Tie the center stripe in a knot at the back of the bow, and trim the loose edges.

I made a three different varieties. To make the one with a lace front, I just laid a rectangle of lace cut slightly smaller than the bow on the front before tying the knot.

lace hairbows

Use a bobby pin to secure the bow in your hair.

half up curly hairstyle with hairbow
Hair bow with half up style
Come back later to see some more ideas for how to wear your bow! Update: See this post for how to wear your hair bow!

This is my second Pinterest Challenge -- check out my previous undertaking, DIY Powdered Laundry Detergent.
unscented powdered laundry detergent recipe
Make your own unscented powdered laundry detergent

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