Thursday, February 28, 2013

Impulsive Entry Makeover: Let There Be Light!

Here's our front entry the day we moved in:

Since moving in, we had:

  • Peeled off the wax paper "frosted window" effect. It was scotch taped on.
  • Put down a rug (Urban Outfitters)
  • Painted the ceiling a flat white and the walls "Cumulus Cloud" (Benjamin Moore)

Tonight we went to Lowe's "to look". We looked at front doors and bathroom faucets and lumber and hardware ... and came home with a chandelier! (And a few other things)

Fortunately, Jon changes a light fixture like normal people empty the dishwasher -- In the 20 minutes before supper and without requiring any Google searches or pep talks.

And now our dim little entry is ablaze with 6 60 watt light bulbs!

This picture shows the fixture a little better. Sorry about all the exposure issues ... still looking for my real camera.

I love how hanging a chandelier in the entry makes it seem like a legit "room" instead of just the bottom of the stairway. Did I mention we paid about $35 for this fixture?

Left on our list for this space:
  • Front door: paint or replace, maybe with a wooden Craftsman-style door that Jon wants to build. We're sort of over the "sunrise" window and are hoping to add interest to the front of our builder facade.
  • Hang some art to the left of the door
I wanted to hang some curtains flanking the front door like this:

Jon said no. I also wanted a console table, but there's no room. So it looks like it's a short to do list! 

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