Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ideas For Our Uninspired Powder Room

This is our main floor bathroom:

Ugh, even more uninspiring in pictures.

If I had built this house, I wouldn't have chose that light fixture, mirror, sink, or faucet, but there they are.

Since moving in, we removed a metal shelving unit that was attached to the wall, painted the ceiling white (it was beige like the walls), and plopped down a rug and a trash can (both from Target).

I love the idea of doing a wainscoting with a tile strip at the top, similar to this:

image via houzz, pinned here
Jon thought that would be too much work getting it behind the toilet and sink. I still like it. Because I would not be doing the work, obviously.

I also like this black and white bathroom from Remodelista. (Except I have that pedestal sink, which is staying, due to cost). I'm imagining open shelving over the toilet made from and old-looking wood, similar to the wood of the vanity in this picture.

Here's another lovely bathroom with a hanging mirror (from Pinterest, I can't find the original source). I wonder if I could transform my current oval mirror into something like this or if that would be a pointless attempt. I wish I could see what it is hanging from. And I wish that shower door was in my bathroom upstairs!

Here's a set of oval hanging mirrors from Sears, and I think the oval shape looks fine. However, my light fixture mount is above the mirror so maybe that wouldn't work after all.

Lastly, I am in love with these whales. We used to have a whale hanging in the kitchen when I was a kid. With a rubber tail and purple eyeshadow. Named Wanda. In Iowa, as far from the ocean as you can get, in a craftsman farmhouse.

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