Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ideas for our Uninspired Laundry Room

We're in a self-imposed no-project zone right now, as our house is totally livable and my student loans are oppressively earning interest. (I'm about 50% through paying off my highest interest loan, if you're curious.) 

When I went to orientation my first week of Physical Therapy school, I vividly remember someone from financial aid getting up to say that nobody ever complains about their student loans once they graduate and start working. I now understand that this is the case because said graduates are busy working a second job, doing paperwork to qualify for government assistance repayment programs, and heartily recommending to hapless underclassmen that they consider public universities. Much too busy to call financial aid and mention their distaste for the excessive cost of education. OR the fact that after earning a doctorate degree, if they want to pay off loans on a 10 year standard repayment plan, after monthly student loan payments they'll make approximately the same amount as the tech who helps them lift patients and went to 4 years of high school.

Okay, rant over.

Anyway. My laundry room looks like this:

Or from closer up, like this:

And I need something to think about while I drive from my first job to my second job as I try to avoid thinking about milkshakes. Something that is not the actual mound of laundry waiting for me at home ... the one that I can't remember whether it is clean or dirty but took my scrub pants from this morning because the seemed clean, and they are for sure not the ones I wore on Tuesday when I stepped in a lake of urine. Again: I am underpaid.

Here's a color scheme I am drawn to. If you're ever looking for color inspiration, check out Design Seeds (link below) for some quick ideas! I could imagine either color 2 of 3 as a cabinet color. Maybe 2, with 1 on the walls and 5 or a lighter 3 on the ceiling?

Color Scheme from Design Seeds

Love the vintage style of the sink and faucet in this room. And hello, are you carrara marble??

Pinned Here
This room is too bland for me color-wise, but I love the sink, the extra-tall cabinet uppers in this laundry room, the few open shelves and the folding counter on top of the machines. Maybe if I put a plant in the laundry room Millie will refrain from burrowing around in it like a pig.

from Style at Home
Here's a clever idea: pullout drawers for each family member's clean and folded clothes. They can take the drawer with them to their room to put away their own clothes. I don't mind doing laundry (gathering, sorting, and washing), but I dislike the folding part and DESPISE the putting away part. It's almost as bad as making the bed. I will know I am an actual adult when in my morning stupor, I will not only have the foresight to eat a breakfast that is not a cheese stick or a cheese cake, but will also make my bed even when I am not expecting company that I may need to impress.

From Family Brings Joy
Obviously this picture is a kitchen, but I love the apron front farmhouse sink and the tall faucet for easy bucket clearance. I am also a huge fan of the hardware on these shaker style cabinets! I think I am leaning "modern farmhouse" for my style inspiration here. Is that a style? It is now.

Pinned here
I don't know if laundry rooms end up with pendant lights, but I like this one dropped over a sink.

For sale Here
****I feel compelled to confess that I had a milkshake today, and am typing this from my unmade bed while eating a dish of ice cream after having a supper of Fritos and Mounds. Not every day is like this. But today is. And my gym friend is pregnant and unable to exceed a heart rate of 140 bpm, so ... maybe I'll plan another room tomorrow.

Check out my powder room inspiration here.

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  1. I have no advice for your laundry room, but this was quite funny.

    I too do not like putting away laundry. That is why I paradoxically think that diapers are the easiest laundry. They all go back to the shelf on the changing table: no sorting, no drawers. No putting things in different rooms.


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