Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stitch Fix 5

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I found Fix 5 pictures! I asked for an extra girly stitch fix, and LOVED what my stylist picked out! So much, that I kept them all! (25% discount, holla!)

1. Emmett Colorblocked Striped Sweater

This one is not girly, but I loved it. It was lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear when I don't want to look like I am trying too hard when I don't want to try very hard.

2. Mini Rose Buds & Gems Necklace

So pink. I am actually a little afraid of wearing this necklace, but if I bought the whole box I got a sizable discount. With the discount, this necklace and most of another shirt was "free". The marketing people got me.

3. Milan Lace Print Sleeveless Dress

HELLOOOOO pretty dress that I now need an occasion for! I want to wear this on Christmas! But let's be real, I'll most likely be wearing royal blue scrubs. Can you wear ivory in December? Maybe with a red sweater? For sale online here, for about half of what I paid for it....

4. Delilah  Sheer Floral Cluster Blouse

I like wearing patterns, and this shirt has some pretty detail up close as well (sleeves/cuffs, buttons). It's light enough to layer under a jacket.

5. Adelaide Silk Ruffle Overlay Sleeveless Top

This is a soft gray tank with a ruffled gray sheer layer over it. I like it when a shirt is pretty from both sides!

What's your favorite from this box?

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