Thursday, October 27, 2005

Random Thursdays

It has been one of those wierd days-- this morning I awoke to Janna's voice asking me to come to breakfast ... oops ... because apparently my alarm clock is developing the annoying personality flaw of continually trying to expel its batteries. It is rather inconvenient, but at least I woke up in time to go to class in 15 minutes, plus I didn't even hit my head on the ceiling when I like bolted down the ladder (and almost stepped on Karla, who was sleeping on the couch.) When I actually got to my Gen 100 class and was mourning the reality that I hadn't taken a shower (aaaah!!!), my hair was in some sort of deranged, curly-ish state, and I hadn't eaten breakfast (more aaaah!!), my feeling sorry for myself was slightly dampened by the realization that several other people in my class had obviously woken up AFTER I had. I knew this because their eyes still were in the semi-glaze state (or as Karla would say, "My eyes feel like they are two different sizes), and also by the dead giveaway of the wearing of the actual pajamas to class. College is wierd. But!! I get to go to Minneapolis this weekend and become more cultured (ahem, Geron) and stay in a hotel. Fun fun!! I am equally excited at the prospect of sleeping on a bus for 5 hours there and 5 hours back. Joyous!!! Oh, and Amanda I put this picture on here to celebrate...a) You in general b) You reading my blog-- yay!! c) Us not completely making fools of ourselves when we were bowling :)


  1. Anonymous5:27 pm

  2. Miss Anonymous a stalker or a spammer? Or a music major?

  3. Anonymous2:30 pm

    I have often wondered what I manager....salesperson... artist....musician....pain in the neck...anyway I am super happy that you are my daughter XXOOXOO....

  4. Tell us all about the culture of Minneapolis when you return!

  5. your life sounds so dramatic...none of my appliances have personality dissorders :P Have a less-dramatic week!


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