Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Silverware Statues

We made it back from Minneapolis!! These lovely pictures depict us at the Walker Statue Garden, enjoying the architecture. I would have to say that this part of the trip was my favorite, because we got to wander around with flocks of geese and see a massive silverware statue. Angela, you should have been there!! Look how close Geron is to that spoon and she is still smiling!! haha. And obviously, these pictures were taken before the bus ride home, because look how happy we are in the 60 degree climate! (perfection.) Anyway, I guess I am completely under the influence of this blogging stuff, because I never thought I would end up writing to... whoever reads this... instead of taking a nap. Karla is taking a nap right now. Oh, never mind she just got woken up because she has Western Civ in like 14 minutes. I think that should give her enough time to walk to class. Guess what!! I only slept 5 hours last night. And I have a chemistry lab like... right now! Wow I love college. Oh!! AND we are going to get new people on our floor! Except, apparently we must wait until AFTER Christmas, which is tragic... but basically they live in our room anyway, so we get to see plenty of them as it is. Next semester I guess we just won't get their LAUNDRY layed all over our room... haha just kidding KArla.


  1. I read this! I hope you can catch up on sleep, but not during my recital. See you in orchestra. I need to consult you on something.

  2. Brenna9:55 pm

    you need to blog!!!!! you are getting lazy......


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