Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday with the Cousins

So today I am off at my Aunt's house, watching her 3 kids while she goes to a wedding with her husband. Right now all of them are sleeping, so... yeah I was going to do homework, but we know how that goes. It is quite the change from life in east hall--Instead of doing Angela's beautiful hair, I am trying to save my own from being cut off with swords, I don't have to put on shoes to go into the bathroom, and I don't even need to fill up Brita water filters, because there is beautiful water that comes out of the front of the fridge. Plus I'm getting the athletic workout of my life, considering that I've already recieved football lessons (from a 6-year-old) and played Kung-fu for like 2 hours. And yes, that would be a picture of my cousin drinking bathwater--NO DON'T DRINK THAT!!! Yeah, I try.

Geron, if you're reading this, you're not allowed to go to the corn maze without me, say hi to Sebastian Esteban for me, and tell Amanda that I still want to help her write Janna's bio, okay? And be nice to the couch!!


  1. First of all, I wouldn't think of doing anything without you, that is as long as I have this humongo paper to write, secondly, plants don't have names, and thirdly who is that swings off the loft onto the couch again?

  2. Brenna2:38 pm

    hi heather, this is Brenna Gerons sister, and yeah, for new blogs!

  3. I approve of your blog.
    Say hi to Sebastien Esteban for me.
    I heard you're going to the funeral on Friday.

  4. I approve of your blog more than I approve of your encouraging my fiancée to sign up at Facebook.
    The polka dots make your blog look like it has secret codes embedded in the background. Pretty mysterious!

    Tell your roommate that she should make you post more often.


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