Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Day Late and A Brick Short

What??? I never blogged about my birthday!! I think that is very close to some sort of heathen practice, so here are pictures quick. Although this is completely out of order. The first picture is me when I was about 1. The other pictures are of me when I am 19! And I am no longer bald...
So fast retelling of the historical event, that being November 20: My birthday was amazing!! It was my first birthday in Sioux Center since...junior high sometime. I got to eat at home, see my family and some cousins and my grandma. And my uncle. THEN when I came back to Dordt, Amanda and Geron and Karla had planned this whole OTHER birthday party, so we went and ate cake (which someone had conveniently eaten a hole in the middle of) and opened presents and took a lot of pictures and watched part of the old parent trap. Fun fun! Plus I think Karla's brother likes it when she comes over with her friends and entertains him, even though he pretends that he is occupied cooking turkey for the ag club?? Anyway, thanks to all you guys who made my birthday so fun :) I love you!


  1. You're so cute. What else can I say. You were and still are. Love ya!

  2. Hey heather!!! love the baby pic :) That party sure looked fun.. ha ha! love and miss ya! hope christmas break is treating you well :)

  3. I am quite glad you are not bald :P How's the break going? Did you survive exams? Have a great Christmas!


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