Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Tribute to Other Heather... and other things that I love

Although a certain amount of joy comes along with the near completion of Psychology class, there is also a certain amount of mourning at the dissolving of our turbo quiz-taking group... and no, we're not missing the irritating side effect of group work called GROUP GRADE. Anyway, Other Heather, consider this a tribute to you. Other memorable sources of current happiness include:
*MELANIE is in my Western Civ class!
*The end of work study...practice rooms actually aren't that fun
*My new Christmas CD's
*The mongo MSIG that I get to PRINT!!! Imagine the satisfaction of watching all those pages come out of a printer!!
*Socks in the mail-- and peanut butter!!
*1 more episode of Jake-o and the (imaginary) semi-trucks full of baked beans, mopeds, and bbq squid--"JAKE!! I AM YOUR FATHER!!!" Okay so actually that would be Gen 200 class... and it didn't really happen... but emphasis on the ONE MORE EPISODE!!
*I get to wear a prom dress on Thursday!
*I think the number of days until Christmas days is down to a one syllable number! That means I am only one syllable away from sleeping far away from a ceiling, showering with bare feet, having a car, and seeing my sisters again!!
*Yay for free movie tickets for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (even if we do have to see it at midnight...)
*Discarding all grammar rules as I see fit in order to write this blog while my lovely roommate is right now studying for her final about grammar and she actually has to use the stuff actually I think she is pretty good at it, Geron I was wondering if you could help me fix this because every time I read this sentence I can't tell what I did wrong that makes it sound so wierd and so wrong and so perhaps shall we say ungrammatical so maybe we can have a little chat about that later okay bye.


  1. First of all, practice rooms are too fun and second, sorry I already have a study-buddy.

  2. Definate excitement for printing my giant MSIG...it's like heaven. Perhaps.

    And I have not seen you at breakfast for a week! So sad...
    But I'll get over it because we have only one sylable of school left! Happy Trails


  3. Brenna11:24 pm

    are those socks that you were talking about from the mail frmo me?!!!!! i think they are! lol! maybe we'll send more!


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