Wednesday, November 30, 2005


That title is a turkey! Yes! (the little ~ is the gobble, in case you are feeling unimaginative.) So! After a weekend of food and relatives... and sleep... I feel like I am a more complete person! Actually I am just in a wierd mood from walking around in the snow so much today.

Hmm...we had a quality chemistry lab today, on a side note, and right after I vowed to NOT break any test tubes (it's just time for that tradition to end--plus it was the last lab) I BROKE ONE!!! AAAH!! And there was glass all. over. Anyway, Jessica and Josh thought that was pretty amusing, so while Jessica is sitting there with her head down on the lab table CRYING from the *hilarity* of the whole deal, Bev (the amazing TA) comes over and is like, "Are you okay? Are you okay?" Now being as Jessica is laughing so hard she can't even speak (or laugh), she just is sitting there shaking and crying. Bev is like "DID YOU GET GLASS IN YOUR EYE????" And this just makes those two laugh harder... ah joyous. No Bev, I'm just laughing so hard at Heather that I'm crying. How do I manage these things?? Not really sure. I resign from cleaning the glassware. Josh can do it.

Anyway, Thanksgiving. I learned lots of life lessons!
a) Jonny Cash was a singer who took lots of drugs. And somehow, reese witherspoon looks good with brown hair as well as blonde. intriguing.

b) articles of suspiciously missing clothing may predictably be found in my sister's closet

c) Thanksgiving dinners taste good even when you have had multiples--for example, 5 for one thanksgiving

d) animal crackers can be used as light fixture ornaments. ??? (Kim, were you involved in this??)

e) the rules to kings and slaves (a second time)

f) speaking of second time, I wrote my gen 100 project TWICE

g) also I forgot what my roommate's voice sounds like... but that's not something I learned

h) even the people you consider to be your friends may threaten to tape your hands to the table. ??? yes--love.

i) If the thermometer says 30 degrees, that means NOTHING. It will still do rain and not ice.

j) playing taboo for two hours will teach you alot about what other people think about you... "Heather has a lot of these" "--boyfriends!!" (um no)
"This is Heather's favorite thing at the park" "--boys!!" (no to that one too. teeter totters win.) alarming actually.

k) Diego luna looks horrible with a mustache... yeah who would have thought it, facial hair. bakky.

l) Melissa is more random than I am

Okay bye.


  1. I LOVE MY ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!! I could NEVER put them through the torture of hanging from lights just for entertainment. However entertaining that may be. No, I hang...actually, I don't know what I hang from light fixtures. Don't try and convince me that you don't have a lot of boyfriends, I know better. :D

  2. What do you want for Christmas?

  3. Brenna10:10 pm

    geron said you love getting comments! so i'm going to comment alot! plus i love them to! so you shoudl comment on my blog! lol anyway make sure to read my blog!

  4. Did you know that now your lab partner Jessica works in the BJH with Nate? I saw her there last night
    Corey said she was the first girl to work there in a long time. You are almost done with Chemistry, yeah!


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