Friday, July 14, 2006


After an abnormal time in a van... we're finally here! Tomorrow we can hopefully get things unloaded and unpacked, although I'm not really sure where Nate and Hannah plan to fit everything, because there is no basement and it seems to be the habit of my family to avoid organization and stash everything below ground level. (Mom, if you're reading this, sorry. But it's true).

Currently I am so confused I'm not sure if it's time to go to sleep or time to eat supper. Neither, perhaps. But basically I kindof slept most of the first day, passed a time zone, slept most of the second day, passed another time zone, ate random foods of varying types and at varying times. Hopefully I go home and everything straightens out. I have WAY too much energy right now and I don't really think sleeping on the floor would be a good cure for that.

But besides getting rid of my exess energy by going running somewhere (which has been forbidden), my biggest wish right now is that Nate and Hannah hurry up and buy a vaccuum so I can clean all the carpet.


  1. haha, sounds entertaining :) and strange... i never get energy from being in a van for a long time with my family. i always seem to completely lose it. i think i'd prefer it your way, though :D how long are you still going to be there? and is nate and hannah's place nice, other than the lack of basement?

  2. your mom6:57 pm

    Heather, you're grounded! To the basement.

  3. Heather, you are a good cleaner. I finally cleaned all the smudgies off the other bathroom door today, and some lightswitches. Tell dave that of course it's a nice place. Except for the funky outlets.

  4. hehe. You posted pictures of the party couch and biker bar!


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