Saturday, July 01, 2006

They're Married!!

They’re gone! Nate and Hannah’s wedding was on Saturday, and now that it is over it feels like summer is actually starting! So yeah, it went really well—nobody fainted or tripped, and the different colors of dresses actually turned out really pretty next to eachother.

It was a long day though! I got up at like 5:45 because I figured I wouldn’t fall asleep again, plus I had to go get my hair done at seven. I was kind of afraid, because the lady who was doing my hair had like really bleachy hair and this bizarre-looking perm that made her look like she should have been in the 80’s (or whenever they thought that kind of questionable perm was fashionable.) She started curling my hair, and was like, “You have aLOt of hair…” And then she kept saying “hmm, what am I going to do with the rest of this hair… hmmm where can I find a spot to fit this hair….” But it actually turned out really nice—relief. They told me to go take a Tylenol because I was going to get a headache. That was actually really good advice…

When we were waiting in the back of church to walk in, I realized I was really really hungry—so Ruth was like, oh! I’ll get you a cookie! So then I was trying to quick eat the cookie before I had to walk in… maybe not the best plan. I gave part of it to Casey, the ring-bearer, because he kind of was looking like he didn’t want to walk down the aisle, even though my Grandma gave him a dollar and his mom had been whispering bribes in his ear all morning. I told him the only rule was that he had to eat the whole thing in one bite, because I didn’t want him to get crumbs all over himself, so he just stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. I was like… okay Casey, now you need to swallow it, because I REALLY don’t want to be responsible for you walking down the aisle looking like a gopher. He didn’t swallow it. I think eventually Ruth got him to swallow it.

The whole ceremony seemed really fast, and I don’t really remember anything the pastor said, because I was concentrating so hard on standing still and remembering when to move up the stairs and when to hand people flowers. AND not dropping Nate’s ring, which was too big for my thumb so I didn’t want it to slide off. I think Hannah might have actually walked back down the aisle with MY flowers instead of hers, but they look pretty much the same, so hopefully nobody else noticed.

After we finally packed up all the stuff at church we came home and took naps, which was kindof complicated with the hair. I woke up later and I was sleeping facedown on my pillow. And the Tylenol had definitely worn off by then, because my head felt like a pincushion!! I went downstairs kindof in a stupor to look for more of it, but I think my mom had packed it somewhere. Anyway, I finally found a bottle, but when I poured some out it was NOT Tylenol, it was Tylenol pm... very tempting, but I avoided that because I had to go to pizza ranch with all my relatives that night and I didn't really think my drowsiness needed any assistance.

Then I turned around and realized that outside the window there were like 20 people sitting on our driveway. They were Nate's relatives, but I'm not really sure why they didn't just ding the doorbell. Anyway, that's pretty much all I remember about Saturday. It was a good day :)

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  1. ...and you're still in one piece, and your sister is adequately hitched. Congratulations for living through it all :P

    Oh, and I hope you had a good 4th of July...kind of off topic...


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