Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kansas City!

FUN! I finally had a weekend off, and I got to ride down to Kansas City with Melissa's parents. I stayed at her apartment (there's a picture of us outside of it) with the girl who actually rents it and a sick dog who got its hair all over everything I brought along.

Anyway, besides seeing friends, staying up late making up for how much we haven't talked this summer, we went to oceans of fun, met Brett's dad, ate chinese (KAY are you reading this????), played chess on the roof of a library (except I wasn't strong enough to make the knight jump...kindof killed my strategy), went to this amazing arboretum, AND met a lady who I had no idea who she was but she was apparently like best friends with my aunt in high school.


  1. Janet5:22 pm

    Which Aunt? What was the ladies name? Signed, Your Favorite Aunt (from Kansas).

  2. JANET!! her name was Kim Something, and she knew aunt sarah.

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Heather, just wandering if this Blog stuff is Free or do you pay to have this site? I'm thinking about making us a Blog or whatever you call this site of yours? I know nothing about this kind of stuff. I don't even know your e-mail. Aunt Janet

  4. Claire9:19 pm

    Did you ever know that you're my hero?


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