Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Closer Look Out Front

Today we had 40's and some sun, and I got off work early enough to do a little landscaping revival work outside. I thought I'd give you a little closer look at the front yard, which needs some love.

We have a lamppost! It encourages me to stay on the driveway when I back out each morning.

Here's a little problem ... Large black hoses pumping sump pump water straight onto the yard, creating an eyesore AND a swampy mushroom habitat.

Ignore all the twigs and dead plants on the sidewalk. I did that.

Here's another little problem, a plastic 'stone' picket edging flopping around the edge of the woodchips. (It's gone now.)

See how the previous owners planted some scattered crocuses out there? You couldn't even see them over the plastic. I'm planning to mark where they are and dig them up when we re-plant the whole area. 

We're hoping to extend the bed around the side of the house with the following goals: 
  • Build up slope around foundation.
  • Eliminate the big black hoses -- possibly include a stream bed in the landscape?
  • Hide the things coming out of the side of the house (sump pump, gas line, don't even know). 
  • Include more color! In summer, the back row of bushes are green and leafy and the front row of bushes are green and leafy. In fall, the back bushes turn red. I'm hoping to spread the existing plants out so the overall looks is not quite so uniform and has more seasonal interest.

You know, something like this:

Or This:

Or This:

Just kidding. But seriously.


  1. Anonymous7:11 pm

    If any one can do it, you guys can. Seriously. Can't wait to watch the process. -Mom

  2. oh i miss the incessant project planning!

    1. it's still happening :)


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