Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bass-Pro Bible

Life here is summed up by the reading material present on our nightstand:
Jon has been busy building custom fishing rods. His Christmas present from his Dad was a fold-out rod-building bench that can masquerade as a pretty console table. So far there it has been folded-out permanently in our living room with no hint of console table, especially after Jon got his new [not sure what it's called] to sit on top of the table and spin the rod for wrapping and drying. In the picture he's still using the old one, but the new one has a pedal like a sewing machine. Some of the rods he's built are for himself, others are for customers, and others are show-off "show rods" for Cajun Custom Rods, a custom rod building company in Omaha that Jon has been building wooden handles and rods for.
 Meanwhile, I have become the frugal-meister. Besides shopping off-brands and sales, I have discovered the lure of coupon clipping. With so many coupons available for printing online (I like this website) I occasionally feel like a counterfeitter printing cash... but this is completely legal -- and so far I have saved $40-50 using grocery coupons! The only drawback is that now I feel like a failure if I spend more than $2 on a box of cereal. Also Jon gets a little cranky if I interrupt his flow of plain Life cereal.
We were also happy to make it home to celebrate Dad's 52nd birthday a few weeks ago. Jon got a haircut pretty soon after this picture was taken in case his mother is reading this and cringing.
My semester is almost over, but for some reason they spread my finals out over 4 weeks. I have 3 left and 2 group projects remaining. I'm struggling to find motivation; I knew it was bad last night when I chose to watch basketball with Jon instead of studying for a wound care final that was this morning. I'm also resisting the urge to start boxing everything up! 10 days until we move! (House picture in this post). I've already stopped cleaning our apartment :)

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