Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Month of Less: Day 24: Facewash Free with Norwex AntiBac Cloths

My younger sister just gave me this Norwex AntiBac cloth, which is my new favorite thing.

The first thing I loved about this cloth was how soft it is! The only microfiber I previously owned was for cleaning floors, and I (obviously) never felt the mop with my face. I don't like the feel of dry microfiber on my hands, but when it is full of warm water it's the gentlest softest dreamiest fluffiest puffiest .... it's wonderful.

Additionally, this cloth is designed to clean your face/body using only water! So besides causing a nerdish excitement about getting to wash my face with something so soft, using this cloth means I no longer need to use facewash, toner, blemish cream, or makeup remover as well as the associated cotton squares or cotton balls. #maybeiamhighmaintenance

I still use body wash in the shower because I like the smell and I use it when I shave my legs.

Of course this one little cloth sparked me on a World-Wide-Web-Wide search of Norwex products and I now have new things on my wish list (which will become my Christmas list in 12 months). Some of the products that caught my eye were:

A Household Set:

Because I'm just getting started on this microfiber bandwagon. Contains a dusting mitt, enviro cloth (for everything), and a window cloth (which my mom owns and is awesome). All of these are for product-free chemical-free cleaning. I hardly ever dust, so maybe this "basic package" would be better for me.

The descaler:

Because whoever built this house decided to put in glass shower doors, which have to be cleaned by a human instead of laundered by a machine like a curtain. This is Indiana, and we have hard water.

And of course, more AntiBac cloths because I only have one! They come in three different color families, but I think the one on the right is my favorite.

Any green cleaning going on in your houses or showers?

For the month of October I'm doing one thing a day that is a step towards a simpler way of living -- less cluttered, less wasteful, less distracted. My goal through this month of less is that by taking a new step every day, I will be able to live in a way that is more organized, more stewardly, more purposeful. Read more about it here, and let me know if you're joining in!

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