Monday, November 26, 2012

The Ants

Jon and I have a serious case of the ants waiting to move into our house. It has been a parade of delays with the bank. Chase Bank -- stay away. As weeks pass and we're still living out of boxes in Jon's parent's basement, I have noticed an evolution in our excitement.

The really-not-that-important:
"I can't wait to decorate!"
"It's so pretty!"
"I'm going to organize everything!"
"I'll run around partially clothed whenever I feel like it!"

The still-arguably-menial:
"We'll be able to set our thermostat."
"We'll be able to cook together."
"We can finally unpack our winter clothes."
"We can sleep in since our commute will be so short!"

Okay, so far they are all equally menial and there is really no categorical significance:
"We can pass out Halloween candy!" We missed that landmark by so much I prefer not to think about it.
"We can celebrate my birthday in our new house!" Maybe next year.
"We can host my family for Thanksgiving at our house!" Again. 2013 will be a big year.
"We can set up the Christmas tree!" ... Ahem.

Bottom Line:
We can feel like normal married people again. My inlaws are wonderful people -- generous, hospitable, hilarious. They have a beautiful house, cook delicious food, and occasionally do my laundry. This, by the way, is completely over the top and almost embarrassingly nice. Did I mention we are living here for free?

All of that said, it's just not the same to be married and living with parents.

The bank is saying we may close on Friday this week. Of course, this is the 6th closing date they've given us so excuse me if I'm not making a paper chain or renting a Uhaul or something.


  1. Yes, I know you must miss running around partially clothed.

    I hope you get into your new house soon. It is going to be gorgeous and organized and very wonderful!!!!!

    1. you sensor the running around partially clothed for the vrooms but not for us?? i'll make a paper chain for friday. 2 chains links. I think i can handle that


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