Monday, July 08, 2013

Happy 4th and a Home Remedy: Mosquito Bites

I hope you all had a happy 4th of July weekend! Jon had a 4 day weekend. I had a 4 day work weekend. 

I did get out early enough (read, went in to work early) to go out with our friends on their boat. Always have friends with a boat. 

They told me if I didn't jump off the top, I wouldn't get invited back. So...

Jon also took a morning to build a fire pit in our backyard. Supposedly we were taking a break from house projects this summer (student loan crunch time), but we have family visiting in August and where else are we going to roast things? We tested it out with friends and it works :)

Somewhere between boating and bonfires, I met up with these:

Evil evil evil.

Wearing socks was miserable. Sleeping was nearly impossible. I was compulsively applying Benadryl and crying. Enter, internet forum about home remedies for itchy mosquito bites.

Cotton ball + Mouthwash. (I had this Listerine)

The Red Sea parts, angel choruses sing, manna falls from the sky, and my mosquito bites no longer itch. Also, my feet smell minty fresh.


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    We're always entertained by your writing style. Love ya, Mom & Dad

  2. Anonymous12:37 am

    Not to give you a complex or anything but one of your feet looks longer than the other....



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