Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Joys of Fulfilling my Science Requirement

I seem to have some sort of disability to complete chemistry labs in the manner that is intended. Yes, I know all the safety rules... however that has not really helped me up to this point. So today's lab was especially sad. It started out okay--we didn't spill hexane all over any papers or boil over any hydrochloric acid on ourselves (...not that we did that before...), and we lit the bunsen burner without any explosions. I think this was because we used my cute new bunsen burner which is shiny and silver and adorable instead of old and orange like Jessica's. I even discovered the reason all my test tubes and beakers are never clean--you know that white powdery stuff in a beaker by the sink?? That is soap! Whoa!! So I went crazy and was cleaning all my beautiful glassware while my lovely lab partners attempted to ... actually I'm not sure what they were doing. Anyway, I ended up BREAKING two test tubes! AAAaah! I haven't broken anything all year so far! And then part of the glass went down the drain, so Bev was trying to fish out all these shards of glass... yeah, remind me not to be a TA for that class. It is hazardous. Oh, and then some other girl who was completely distracting herself flirting with some guy broke a test tube full of something chemical right by my coat, so there was broken glass all over. Sad... Anyway, 2 hours and 40 minutes later we handed in our FLAWLESS lab reports with all these ionic equations that we never really learned how to do correctly...and escaped!! After feeling like my brain was being stuffed into a test tube for that long, I jubilantly flung open the door to our room... and Geron was sleeping.


  1. Brenna8:14 pm

    geron always seems to be either sleeping, eating, or chatting!

  2. kimmie sue9:26 pm

    Heather!! I have it on very good authority that you typed my blog address wrong on yours and therefore will not link. I'm disappointed. I'm thinking about taking chemistry next semester, what do you think? I think it might be scary-I always had some profoundly odd influence on the chemicals in high school...

  3. hey hey I fixed it kim! Try again! mm Chemistry is not so fun. My lab today... yeah self explanitory. 9 o clock chem class is only worth the
    time because I sit and read through the chapters. Joyous!! But my professor is kindof... anti-climactic? Or maybe just boring.

  4. Joys of Fulfilling my Math Requirement: I should do my Calculus assignment for my esteemed professor Kramer. We have a test that we can either take tonight or on Tuesday night. Choices, choices.

  5. Heather, I love your picture :)
    You're amazing...let's go eat lunch. yummo!


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