Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Snow on the home front!! It was so fun to wake up this morning... I rolled over to turn off Geron's alarm clock and was going to go back to sleep when I noticed that the beautiful snow was FINALLY HERE!!! It was so perfect to wake up and see it falling, big and wet and just calling be thrown at someone. haha Angela... Okay but it is getting treacherous to walk to the music building!! It used to be exactly 300 steps to the bottom of the stairs by the practice rooms, but that required cutting across all the grass and shunning sidewalks altogether. So now it must take at LEAST 500, which is really sad. And really cold. I think I have been to the music building 3 times today, and I still have to go back two more times! AAAAaaah! That means there are roughly 2000 steps left of FREEZING TORTURE and cold slushy jeans left tonight. SAd. Hmm, can't complain about those practice rooms though... Geron...
Okay so happy winter! Buy mittens, but you're not allowed to think about Christmas lights yet.


  1. hey I can turn off my own alarm clock, that is the point isn't it? :)

  2. oh and what is this about me in the practice rooms? you know I'm always there alone...unlike who?

  3. Brenna9:42 am

    i want snow!!!! when it snows, it never sticks here! :(

  4. I am done with your winter coat because now I have mine. I'll try to drop it off sometime.

  5. You can't drive on Main Street without thinking about Christmas lights, because they're up already. I am a fan of nice white little lights any time the snow is out. Just no inflatable Santas.

    That's all.

  6. Hello! I don't really like snow. It's alot of work and its cold! And it makes the weather turn cold! I like summer... yea summer is nice. The sun and the water. Ahh the memories. Remember that one time when you and I and amy went swimming but just sat in the hot tub the whole time? Haha. That was fun!


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