Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goodbye Summer

The END!!! of summer?

of decent bedtimes,
of having my own space,
of happy hammock time,
of glorious 90 degree weather (because it's not quite as glorious when you're in east hall...that's why I have friends with air conditioning),
of Holly's closet (it's complicated to share clothes across town),
of recognizable meat and vegetable forms,
of room to flail around while asleep (lofts are sort of inhibiting),
of wearing no shoes in the shower,

..and yeah, of so much else.
I moved a lot of stuff back into the dorms today. Slash, I recruited my family and random campus help to carry my stuff up to second floor. I'm excited to go back and see everyone, but not really ready to go back. I haven't really figured out my schedule, Mom starts chemo on tuesday... and I like it at home!!


  1. ah! no comments yet? what's this world coming to?! have you been reaccustomed to college life yet? :)

  2. I miss summer with you around, too. :)


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