Sunday, September 17, 2006

Homeless in Aurora Center?

Happy 50th Anniversary to my Grandparents!

Saturday I spent celebrating with my relatives--ate a lot, laughed at my aunts fighting about their childhoods, played cards, raced under the church pews (and got kicked in the face), took enough pictures to remember my relatives until the next time I see them, and watched my sister's sad and hilarious attempt at recieving a skateboard lesson. And ate some more.

There was no homework involved. Which is probably why today was basically devoid of the joys of life-- namely, everything besides homework.


  1. Anonymous2:59 pm

    I always feel a little homeless when I go to Aurora Center...and sadly THAT is where I am crazy is that?
    your Aunt Deb

  2. Love the picture of Grandpa with Ella - thats a keeper for sure!

    A. Julie


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