Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Love. She ran away, but I found a picture.

Um, you don't have to read this entry. I might even recommend not reading it, because right now my brain waves are like --------------------------------------^---------------------------
The little jump in there is when my roommate started pouring a glass of water. for some reason that sound always wakes me up.

I miss this kitten. I actually stole this picture off MariAnne's facebook because it reminds me of summer and all sorts of other good things.

Things I should be doing instead of blogging (in the order that I thought of them)

1. Registering for classes
2. Writing a paper about Lullabies
3. Writing a paper about Christians and music
4. Sleeping
5. Filling out a group evaluation for my Sociology presentation that we did today
6. Working on an extra credit anatomy assignment
7. Emailing Angela. Since I said I would.

yuck. this is making me feel guilty.

Today someone stole my bike lock. Which was maybe my fault... because I left it in the hallway when i biked to the park. Because I was late. And who steals a bike lock??? I also lost my keys, my praise and worship music, hurt my hand mysteriously (it feels like I slammed it in a door but I think I would remember that), and was late to multiple events. I hate being late. And I didn't get any music scholarships.

Today was sunny. I am less sore than yesterday. I slept in until 7:40. I got to see Holly tonight! I talked to Angela. My presentation is over. I get to work at the special olympics on saturday. As far as I know, my bike is not in a tree. I found a pair of capris that I forgot I owned! (don't you love it when that happens??) And I thought of something else to add to list of things I've always wanted to do. but forgot it.


  1. I want to read about Lullabies when you finish. Sounds soothing. Ah....m

  2. I am certain that I did not type that last "m".

  3. it must have been nate. he would.


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