Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sorry Phillip

Goldfish are just generally disgusting--I don't understand why you'd want one floating around your dorm room or your kitchen or your TABLE or eventually on your carpet.

But besides their inherent gross existence, I figured out another reason why I cannot love a goldfish--they're supposed to be completely disposable. I mean, someone will understand if you love your dog or your cat or your sister, but spending love on a fish just isn't worth it. It's not so much a pet as a decoration that you feed and clean up after. But if I wake up
and find it floating on top of the water, first I freak out because I have the actual physical being of a dead fish on my hands, and second I get this sick feeling realizing that it died and I was in charge of it. How can I love something like that when everyone else says to just flush it down the toilet and spend another twenty-five cents for my next fish?

Holly's fish died this morning. I think it was my fault.

I cried in the shower. Which is ridiculous because I didn't even like that fish.


  1. roommate7:54 pm

    Oh Heather. I knew your love for goldfish would surface eventually. I've always known you had a soft spot for good old beloved orange fruit of the sun. Tell Holly that I'm very sad about Phillip, but she can refocus all of her attention on dorothy.

  2. Heather, you make me smile! Is Dorothy a different fish? I never got to meet Philip. Oh, well.

  3. if it makes you feel better my fish died to. 2 of them. i have like 7 left though, so its okay.


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