Sunday, May 06, 2007


...cries aloud in the street saying, "You have nothing better to do than blog." Um yeah.The closest I have come to working on my list of things to finish before the end of the school year was just writing the list. It's long.

It's supposed to rain a lot this week, which means I won't be outside laying in the sun instead of studying. So... I'll probably be running around outside getting wet or curled up inside listening to the rain noises. aaAAGFAKLRJTLSFCNVWAP#$(58ww/dlvkr I am so sick of my dorm room!!

This weekend I learned to ride with two people on a bike!! At first it was really hard to balance (and steer and pedal and stop) and we had to keep switching places because different parts of your legs get tired if you're pedaling or if you're trying not to stick your feet in the wheel. By the end, our legs were so tired we could hardly walk up the stairs to second floor. Well, we were laughing pretty hard too, but if legs could have congestive heart failure -- that's what mine felt like.

In Sioux Falls last night (that's two weekends in a must be the end of the year) we commemorated Karla and Rina's end of us with heels and many many glasses of strawberry lemonade. And yeah, shopping and supper. Love you girls :)

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