Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No. 5

5. Drink and un-frozen Mr. Freeze

It's gone from the list! I did it :)
Actually it was several weeks ago, and I have to say -- it wasn't that good. It didn't even provoke a picture.

Other than that, my summer is half over! I fly from Omaha to Los Angeles to Sydney on July 15. July 16 never happens because I cross the international dateline. I am avoiding imagining myself contained on a plane for that many hours ... 14 from LA to Sydney. Besides the sitting for so long part, I am getting PRETTY Excited for this semester! (Special thanks to VISA, who will let me spend all the money I do not have in countries all around the world.) I found out I'll be living with a mom and her daughters who are 22 and 24 as well as 2 other girls from the US who will be students at the Wesley Institute with me. Kindof like living at home since I'll have a mom and 2 sisters, and kindof like living at Dordt since I'll be with 4 other girls my age (ish). Just missing a Dad and one more roommate. Also all the boyfriends attached to roommates...

Pray that I don't miss my real family and other people I love too much.

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