Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life In Sydney

I'm here! Sydney is beautiful, even in the winter! I'm almost done with 2 of my 14 weeks of classes and am keeping busy running around the city, taking pictures, meeting new people, emailing home, eating, learning how to use public transportation, and volunteering at a mission. Also studying.

The list of things I've lost is so far very short -- I forgot my alarm clock in the van at the Omaha airport, my flash drive is currently MIA (but it will come back to me), and I left my wallet on the bus on Monday. Some man named Robert called and left a message that he has it for me, but the number he left for us to contact him is missing a digit somewhere, so we have to wait for him to call again. SO! Right now Robert has my name, phone number, drivers license, library card, $7 Australian, my debit card, my student ID card, my insurance card, my $473 dollar transportation pass, a photocopy of my passport, the address of the house where I'm staying, and the key to the front door.

It is a distinct possibility that I might spend tonight making little signs that say something to the effect of "HEY ROBERT!! CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?" and posting them at every bus stop on my line.

Besides that, everything here is great! Sunny, friendly, accented, and surrounded by water. You may mail your expressions of undying love to my name at:

Wesley Institute -- ASC
PO Box 534
Drummoyne NSW 1470

If you need to send something bigger than a letter, send it to my name at

Wesley Institute -- ASC
5 Mary Street
Drummoyne NSW 2047

If you'd like to see more pictures, go to


  1. Wow. Just be glad he didn't decide to steal your identity.

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Hi Heather!!!!
    This is Grampa & Grama Feenstra looking at your blog at the DeLange's today. Hope you are doing well. :) We love you!

  3. Angela Van Beek4:07 pm

    so... now that you're in australia, do you see how it's not so easy to keep up a blog?? honey you haven't written since July 31st!!!


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