Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer happens

I graduated! I officially hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science. That means nothing, so this fall I'll be starting a doctorate program at Creighton in Omaha studying Physical Therapy. After a semester of leftover classes -- generals that I put off taking as long as possible or forgot were requirements -- I'm immensely excited to take classes that feel relevant. Classes don't start until August, so now I'm working on finding roommates, an apartment, loans (ouch), a car, and my vaccination record. Wedding planning is much more fun.

This summer I'm working for my Dad -- so far I have done essentially nothing and am thinking I should have found employment somewhere else. This is hopefully my last summer of meaningless employment (sorry Dad), and that just makes me more excited for school to start again. 

I have brown hair again.

Other big events of the week included:
--A funnel cake at the tulip festival. Delicious powdered sugar disaster.
--A weigh in from Hannah and iKid. She's due in about 6 weeks ... and still weighs less than me. ??? I guess they should have been here for funnel cakes.
--Jon left for Canada and promised to bring me a fish. What a man.
--I drove to MN with Dad and a (grossly overloaded) trailer of walnut logs to get sawed up. I didn't think the pickup was going to make it off the driveway.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I made the list of big events! I would have so loved to be there for funnel cakes. OK, I need to go find a snack now.


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