Monday, October 05, 2009

I live in Nebraska?

Here I am with my roommates after our professionalism ceremony, where we took oaths about health care and recieved white coats (which we will never wear, except possibly for halloween).

This program is unlike any other part of my educational experience in that it is both very hard and very rewarding. My concept of "getting good grades" has been severely altered to accomodate for my performance on our first round of tests. Percentages and letter grades are just plain depressing -- it is much nicer to think of each class as a simple PASS or FAIL. I am passing.

It's hard to believe that I will be taking midterms next week already, although I'm excited that this semester seems to be going quickly. (Especially since there are 7.5 more of them to come). One of my most interesting classes is Anatomy lab, where we dissect cadavers. Last week involved a bone saw and safety glasses since we were looking at the lungs and heart. Don't smoke; the surgeon general was right.

Omaha doesn't feel like home, but it is beginning to feel less foreign; I've found a carpool, a church, and the fastest way to the mall.


  1. Sure am! Korea's been great. So you're in school for physical therapy? Crazy

  2. awww it's been a while since I "got to" blog stalk you! don't worry, just because you don't have a cute laughing baby on yours doesn't mean I won't visit it :)


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